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Your Guide To Insurance & Repairs

Insurance claims don’t need to be hard work. At Coopers Auto Body, we can handle the claim from start to finish on your behalf.

You need not spend hours on the phone, sending pictures to your insurer

or waiting in all day for an engineer to attend to complete an appraisal.

Simply drop by to see us and let’s have a chat about your needs.

We are honest, passionate, and most importantly, experts in car body repairs.

It is 100% your decision where you take your vehicle to be repaired, not your insurance companies.

Your insurer will try and steer you to one of their “approved repairers” which, 9 times out of 10 is because they will get preferential labour rates, material/parts discounts and rebates from that particular repairer in exchange for sending work their way.


There are numerous reasons why you would want to nominate us as your preferred repairer rather than the recommendation from your insurance company….

You may have done your research and found us to be the highest rated shop in this area! You may have seen examples of previous work we’ve completed, a friend may have told you about us, or you may have even used Coopers Auto Body before and already know that we really are the best around. There are multiple reasons for you to select us as your choice of repairer, privately or through an insurance claim, however if you are still unsure then please note the following;

At Coopers Auto Body we only fit genuine parts to your vehicle regardless of the age, which is essential when protecting the residual value of it. We protect and uphold the existing body & paint warranty and we guarantee repairs for years to come. On top of that, we will provide you with the best customer care and quality workmanship at all times - If you don’t believe us, take a look at our Google reviews!

Take control of your insurance claim, nominate us as your preferred repairer, let us provide you a courtesy car free of charge (where available) and give your car the love and attention it deserves... 

If you are having any trouble with the insurance company regarding your choice of repairer, then contact us first before making your decision. We can then advise on the rules behind choosing your repairer, and also inform you of the high quality services we offer, before you commit.

Don’t be bullied into settling for a lesser repair! Come and see us and let us take the hassle and stress out of your claim.

When you have an accident in YOUR vehicle, it is YOUR choice how you proceed:

  • Whether you have your vehicle fixed or not
  • Who fixes it
  • How you fund those repairs

You can choose:

  • To make a claim under your own comprehensive motor insurance policy;
  • Or to use the services of an accident management company like us - Cooper's Auto Body South Yorkshire's  leading accident management
    company and take care of everything at no cost to you following a road traffic accident. Our service is simple and stress-free.
  • Or to instruct a solicitor;
  • To pursue a claim by yourself against an at-fault driver;
  • Or simply to pay for repairs yourself.

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